The intention of our work was to highlight how President Donald Trump's sexist remarks closely resemble the oppressive gender stereotyping popularized by prejudiced advertisements in the 1940's. In crafting the perfect marketable wife, Mrs. Donald Trump, to "sell" to consumers, we are not only blending the time periods of the 1940's and Trump's current presidency, but we are also emulating the same archaic, sexist perversion featured in several infamous 1940's ads by objectifying Mrs. Donald Trump as something perfect, submissive, ideal, obtainable, and collectible. Additionally, our toy, despite being a Funko Pop Doll, is dressed in an "idealized" way that almost parallels the effect of Barbie dolls, in that both convey unrealistic and superficial body standards to young girls. Upon reflecting on how Mrs. Donald Trump can be perceived as both an oppressed servant of men and a visual representation of "the ideal wife," it becomes evident how our president's sexist remarks can be incredibly damaging to women in so many ways. Our project serves as a deliberate reminder to all that, although Trump is a full grown man capable of "leading a country," he still possesses a harmful, antiquated, sexist vocabulary that belongs in our unlearned past, not our present.