A silenced history that I wanted to call attention to in this project is one of female voices. We often think that the stereotypical roles of the "dominant" man and the "submissive" woman are archaic and have long been removed when reflecting on today's social climate. I wanted to visualize the falsity of this current assumption through present-day news outlets, panel discussions, and court hearings that engage in this same condescending and commandeering discourse. In several of the featured clips, men romp over the words of women with condescending hand gestures, antiquated labeling, and simply blunt behavior on live television. My video essay attempts to demonstrate the absurdity of today's sexist rhetoric by synchronizing these "serious" modern medias with BBC's less "serious" 1930's style public information film about a woman's rightful place in a conversation. My aim is to show how the misogynistic behavior portrayed by the actors in BBC's comedic rendition of a sexist dinner table conversation is exactly what is being exhibited in these news outlets by real male personalities. I find it intriguing how some people truly believe in BBC's satirical prejudiced principles.I wanted to then uplift the female voice in the second half of the project by showcasing instances in which female speakers resist oppressive male discourse both in history and in today's modern society. In doing so, after informing the viewer of our current state of discourse, I hope to present a possible, impartial, and unprejudiced future towards woman's rights.