To achieve the look of this particular nighttime scene featured in "Call Me By Your Name," I made the decision of filming at dawn in an attempt to capture this dim, soft, quiet, cool, natural glow produced by the sun as it emerges every morning. The color of the captured footage, however, is almost the complete opposite of Guadagnino's, as USC's overbearingly orange street lamps prevented any chance of me attaining this blue lighting. However, what I think I did achieve well was the lighting of the subject. Like the source of inspiration, I was able to use the pervasive light to highlight Carolyn from the back, creating a mysterious and cold silhouette of her depressed figure. The lighting situation when filming project 2 was quite similar to that of CMBYN. The only stark difference was the orange hue... while I could've edited it to be blue, I decided to stick with it, as I feel like orange is challenging. I personally dislike orange and almost never wear it/use it in my aesthetics. However, I feel as though in this narrative/context, the warmth of orange is a perfect vessel for Carolyn's confusion, dreaming, and affection.