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In analyzing our world's more natural forms, I accidentally stumbled upon the beehive, specifically that of honeybees. Honeycomb and its well known hexagonal structure is an common example of how geometry occurs naturally in our ecosystem. I thought it would be interesting to not only model these organic geometric forms, but also make this object my own by blending/juxtaposing the honeybee colony with today's corporate workplace structures (cubicles). By doing so, I hoped to create a narrative that visualizes how cubicles, modular forms, open workspaces, and condensed workplaces are less man-made than one might think.

A preliminary sketch of my "bee cubicle" concept.

I then modeled my preliminary sketch in Maya. This is an screenshot of an individual cubicle. The cubicle itself is an intruded hexegon. I removed the more "home office" elements of my initial sketch replaced them with corporate furnishings.

After finalizing the design of my cubicle, I expanded the world that one might find the cubicle in. Attached to a tree branch lies a corporate bee space populated with hundres of little cubicles, each with its own set of office furniture: a desk, a chair, a computer, a clock, a briefcase, and other symbolisms of office life.

The scene really started to come together after adding a little bit of color and textures.

Now thinking cinematically, I asked myself how I could frame the scene creatively and narratively while considering the sun, the important players, and the character of the space. Here are some renders of these shots.

I was then challenged to use Maya to create an animation within this scene to help tell a story. In order to make the narrative more believeable and immersive, I chose to animate the film in first-person point of view.

I then used Unity3D to build a version of this scene that can be explored interactively in a first person perspective. It allows the a player to explore the terrain, as well as interact with the 'game'-like components ive implemented within this project. To make the game look like my animation, I imported Maya assets direclty into the Unity project. In making this game, I wanted to design a characteristic, interactive space for my scene using lighting and color. The deliverables for are a compiled Mac application and PC application linked below.

Download "BUZZ" for Mac | Download "BUZZ" for PC