BANANA is a New York-based magazine used as a cultural platform to feature, celebrate, and join in conversation with Asian creatives across the world. Its two creators Kathleen Tso and Vicki Ho aim to express "all things AZN (Asian)," using vibrant spreads, creative storytelling, and authentic writing to form a powerful visual identity within the Asian American community.

For a Visual Communication and Experience Design course (IML 430), I designed a multi-screen user flow for BANANA's visual magazine. My ultimate goal was to create a user interface for mobile devices and web browsers that exemplified the distinctive voice of this powerful and eclectic publication throughout an entire flow of screens.

In order to gain a better understanding of BANANA's visual language, I built a moodboard by collaging photos, social media posts, and other digital assets from their various media outlets into a single spread. I identified key elements such as vibrant colors, visual textures, and retro references that lived consistently throughout their branded material.

Then, I took these design observations into Figma and created a user interface based on the inferences I've made as well as BANANA's past publications. The end product is a mobile and web prototype of BANANA magazine that gives users an immersive reading experience, illustrating who the contemporary "AZN" is and what their life stories are as the reader browses the collaborative works of each issue.

I absolutely loved working on this project, as it compelled me to push my own artistic boundaries as to what design, specifically interactive design, can be and become. Ideologically, I felt even closer to the cultural collective that is Asian creatives than ever before.